how dent removal works
Paintless dent repair refers to a special technique used to eliminate dents or structural damage from your vehicle. In the past, the main method for dent repair was by eliminating dents by using auto body filler and paint. While this process was popular, it was not perfect for restoring the structure of most vehicles.

However, with our superior dent removal techniques and methods, we can help you restore the quality of your vehicle. We are one of the industry leaders when it comes to paintless dent repair in St. Paul.

Paintless dent removal is always best performed by trained professionals who have spent hours learning how to use the tools that will repair your vehicle.

How We Remove Dents From Your Automobile

The process of dent removal can be achieved through many different techniques. For instance, it can be completed by tugging from the exterior or applying force on the interior. That said, an evaluation needs to be done before the procedure can begin. This way, we can choose the most appropriate technique to use for your vehicle repair needs

If the dent can be pulled, then we use special dent puller tools for optimal performance. This tool works the same way as a suction cup and is simply attached to the structure of the vehicle. To be specific, the puller tool is placed above the dent and then it is gently pulled and removed. We might also use heat to soften the structure of the panel to help eliminate the dent completely.

If the dent requires additional force from the inside, then the interior panel on the adjacent section of the dent will be opened. We have a team of trained and competent professionals who can complete this process with exceptional results. Completing this process requires experience, the correct resources and training to achieve the best results. As one of the leading paintless dent repair companies in St. Paul, we offer a satisfaction guarantee each time.

Dent Removal Tools We Use

Choosing the correct tools for car repair process is a crucial aspect of the repair process. Broadly speaking, there two common tools used in paintless dent removal. The specific tool we choose depends on various factors including the approach that will be used to eliminate the dent.

More so, if the dent requires pulling, then a special tool referred to as a dent puller will be used.

The two main puller types include:

Dent Suction Pullers

This refers to a puller that works in the same way as a suction cup. It is placed on the dent, and the user pulls upwards to eliminate the dent.

Dent Glue Pullers

This tool is attached to the structure of the vehicle. The design features a screw that is attached to the device. Furthermore, another tool attached to the screw and is integrated into the overall structure. The tab is gently pulled up and away from the dent to eliminate it. Finally, a unique compound is used to eliminate any glue residue that is left on the vehicle.

We Also Use Dent Pushing Tools

Dent pushing tools are also important for massaging the interior sections of the vehicle.

In some cases, as many as 10 different tools can be used to restore the original structure of the vehicle. Some of these tools include:

  • 2 ft Fender Rod
  • 2 ft Large Hook
  • 2 ft Small Hook
  • 3 ft Double Bend Rod
  • 3 ft Hail Rod
  • 3 ft Single Bend
  • 4 ft Double Bend Rod
  • 4 ft Hail Rod
  • 4 ft Single Bend
  • Big Bertha Rod

Additional Dent Removal Materials

Aside from the above tools that we use to complete the process, our professional staff members also use a number of auxiliary tools to access the dent. Additionally, we may use heat application techniques and tools related to it to eliminate your dents.

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